Better Late Than Never (Single Demo)

by Elisia & the Punk-ass Bitches!

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Hiiii, this is just a demo for an upcoming EP that me and Gannon are doing. It's not a finished song at the moment, but I thought I'd share it anyways.

Thanks to Gannon Earhart for recording bass guitar and vocals for the demo.

Elisia Song: Guitars/Drum Machine/Lyrics/Vocals
Gannon Earhart: Bass/Vocals

Dude in the picture: Gannon Earhart

Here are the lyrics and shit:


And here we are, so broken
Neither dead or alive
To my surprise
I’m barely breathing

Cut and bruised to hell
How could you tell
That I’m not taking shit

From the people out back. I’ve had enough with playing along
with all these songs about the summer. They’re gnawing on my back. I’m being consumed for their comfort. How can I find the lines that guide me back to that place called “home?” I suppose it’s better late than never to change.

It’s about damn time that I cared for myself
It’s been a long ride since winter
Catching colds and sweating dry
Why am I still cold inside?

It’s about 78 degrees with a little bit of a breeze
Running around the topics that confuse me
They get to me too easily and I say,

“Hello, world. Can you find the time to help a girl out in these trying moments?” They say, “Hell no, girl. You gotta figure it out and stop freaking out every time you feel let down.”

But how do they expect me to live with myself?
Knowing that I fucked up along the way. The price is here to pay.
And now I hear them all teasing me because I can’t get by
Why can’t I get by? I can’t write this pain away.

I need you to go away.


released January 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Elisia Song Los Angeles, California

Hello, I am Elise. I make music in my tiny ass room when I'm not in John's room recording.

E&PAB! are:

Elisia Song: Guitars/Vocals

Gannon Earhart: Bass/Drums/Vocals
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