Everyone's Having Fun! (Except Me​!​)

by Elisia & The Punk-ass Bitches!

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This album is mostly a collection of songs that I took from another album I was going to work on that ended up not happening because I didn't like most of the songs I made for it, aside from the ones that I actually made to be on this album. This was also an EP that was supposed to come out some time after Blegh did so, I decided to revive that a bit to make a full album. For the most part, I was just a lazy piece of shit because I had nothing going on so I wanted to do something again, even if I released an ALBUM not too long ago. So, I don't know. I just get bored a lot.

All songs were recorded in either Elisia's cramped room somewhere in Downtown LA, sometimes while being sick, but mostly being bored all the time.

Elisia Song: Recording/Mixing/Guitars/Bass/Drums/Synth/Keys/Lyrics/Vocals

Art by: Matilda Loughmiller




Elisia Song: Guitars/Bass/Drums/Saxophone/Lyrics/Vocals

This song's really about people who you don't really know or consider to be friends that keep asking you what the fuck you're planning to do with your life and how annoying it is. Like, I don't even know what I'm going to have for lunch in an hour, how do you expect me to know what the fuck I'm going to do 10 years from now? Anyways, the first time the vocals for this song were recorded it was at like 12 AM when all my neighbors and parents were asleep, so they probably hated that. I mention one of my best friends, Cristian Luongo, in this song and he was pretty stoked about that, I think. This song was also written in like 30 minutes, but I still like it. Even though the drumkit I used for this song was pretty shitty, but I think it fits with the sound overall.



Elisia Song: Guitars/Bass/Drums/Saxophone/Lyrics/Vocals

This song was originally written for another band that I'm in called Das Cool Gal. It was supposed to be about my character going into a park where couples are on Valentine's Day and throwing rocks at them because if she can't be happy, then they can't. And then she gets arrested. It was going to be funny and shit, but I liked it too much and asked if I could use it for my band. They said yeah and I gave them one of my scraps in trade for it cause I felt bad. So yeah. Here it is!



Elisia Song: Guitars/Bass/Drum Machine/Lyrics/Vocals

This song was supposed to be on an album I was working on called "New Year, Not Really A New Me" and it is pretty good in my opinion. It came out of the blue one night when I was trying to go to sleep and that's how most of my songs usually start. The instrumentals were pretty easy,too and I tried to get a real garage-y sound out of the guitars. Also, it's pretty obvious that this is a rip-off of a Bomb the Music Industry! song, but that isn't old news for any of my songs.


Elisia Song: Guitars/Bass/Drums/Lyrics/Vocals

This song was probably written in like, 30 minutes but I still really like how it turned out. The lyrics need to be tweaked at first since they didn't flow that well and I tried to keep the original meaning of the song as evident as possible. I don't know if this qualifies as "punk rock" but more along the lines of "indie rock" but, whatevs. I still like it.



Elisia Song: Guitars/Bass/Drums/Lyrics/Vocals

I like this song because it's a really anger driven song lyrically, but it's pretty happy and cool musically. It was really hard to sing because, in the verse, I would only get about 2 to 3 breaths in before I dive back into it. Anything for flow, I guess.



Elisia Song: Guitars/Bass/Drums/Synth/Lyrics/Vocals

I wrote this song when I was hanging out with John Rice in my room one day and I made little snippets of songs for this group of friends I'm in. This one's for a friend called Cryus(obviously) and he said that I should put it on my album. So, I was like, "aight" and I made it a lot longer than it originally was, but kept the same lyrics. Love you, Cyrus.



Elisia Song: Synths/Keys/Bass/Vocals/Lyrics

My roommate and I were just hanging out in my room eating pizza at like 1 AM when he jokingly asked me if I can make video game music. So I opened up FL Studio, loaded in the synth, and fucked around with it until I got this song. I started to actually kind of like it so I was like, "Hey, I should put this on an album. This is kinda good." So yeah. Don't know how I'm going to play this live, though. And, no, Said, Cristian, and Cameron. This ain't about you.



Elisia Song: Guitars/Bass/Drums/Lyrics/Vocals

This was ALSO supposed to be another song on "New Year, Not Really A New Me", a project that ended up not really happening. I actually started writing it around the time I finished "Smile" on the Songs for the Summer EP and I considered putting it on there for a while before I decided that it wouldn't really fit there. BUT YEAH, it's on THIS album now, and I really like how it turned out.



Elisia Song: Guitars/Bass/Drums/Vocals/Lyrics

This was originally on the initial release of the Juice Box EP and I took it out on the remastered version because it was too boring, like the title says. It was called "She Didn't Say Anything, Oh Well" then. I was going to just not use it until my friend, Semone, said that I should remake it. So I made it into a ska song and yeah. Yaaaaay.



Elisia Song: Guitars/Bass/Drums/Lyrics/Vocals
Justin Liberty: Vocals

There was supposed to be a song on Blegh with the same name that I just didn't think I could do anything with. It was too boring at the time so, I just threw that one away. And, I was in a Taco Bell with my friend/former roommate, John, when I came up with the concept of THIS song. I thought of some lyrics and was like, "Hey, this sort of fits the title of that one song I never used." and I stuck that name on here. Also, this is my first "hardcore" song. Thanks Justin for screaming with me on this one.



Elisia Song: Guitars/Bass/Drums/Synth/Lyrics/Vocals

I got a new drum kit after searching for a good week on Youtube and I came across one guy who was giving out free samples so I downloaded that shit. And I wanted to make a song celebrating the fact that I got new drums so this shat out. I let John Doland borrow my bass guitar, so I had to rely on a bass guitar VST on FL Studio for that, but I still think it came out pretty good.



Elisia Song: Guitar/Lyrics/Vocals

This song's about John Rice and how I was really sad that he had to leave for South Carolina. It's kind of everything that I couldn't muster up to say to him as we got to the airport but yeah. I'm soft.


released April 19, 2017



all rights reserved


Elisia Song Los Angeles, California

Hello, I am Elise. I make music in my tiny ass room when I'm not in John's room recording.

E&PAB! are:

Elisia Song: Guitars/Vocals

Gannon Earhart: Bass/Drums/Vocals
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Track Name: Blah Blah
Stuck alone with a blabbermouth
Who hasn’t stopped talking for 20 minutes
Doesn’t seem to know that I’ve already zoned out

To another world where I’m
Free from all the excess bullshit
Avoiding questions like “have you found a job?”

And my girlfriend kicked me out
Now I’m stuck in a room with Luongo
Eating chips and dip and watching Donnie Darko

Man, my life’s a mess
And I’m tired of people asking me
If I’ll ever go to school and stop eating for free

Does it look like I know, you fucking pricks?
Can you all just please stop asking me? You’re driving me insane
And I’m sure that you’ve got things to do besides pushing me around
I don’t really know if I’ll be okay.
Track Name: Valentine's Day Blows
I take it back, it was just a waste of my time
Drinking on ten o’clock on Valentine’s Day
I know, it really isn’t alright
I’m kinda thinking twice about going outside

Cause the sun’s beating down on my tired eyes
At least it has the decency to let me know before I get fucked!

What day is today? It’s the middle of the week
I’m sitting on my couch drinking bottles of Fanta
3 P.M. and there’s nothing to eat
If I’m on good behavior, do you think Santa

Will give me free stuff? Cause I’ve got no cash left
I used it all to buy some dope incense

For seven months, I bet you didn’t know
I was stuck in my room, feeling like shit and
I couldn’t let go cause you never really told me
What it really was that I did or didn’t do

But instead you just told my best friends
You couldn’t even fucking tell me exactly why it ended and

All this time, I thought you really cared
I’ve been trudging along for the past seven months
But now I know that you never cared about shit!

And was I wrong?
Track Name: Don't Party Too Hard
Ever since the recession, things have been really lame
And ever since my depression, I haven’t been the same
Cause I lost my job to a stoner and I lost my car to a robber
Now I’m stuck in a place I've never been before

And ever since my friends left me, I’ve been getting really drunk
And cause I dropped out of college, you could say that I’m fucked
Cause no one’s looking for a high school degree
Who would they hire? It sure ain’t me
They gave the job to someone who’s qualified!

And now, you see, I’ve sure fucked up my shitty dreams
With no way left to save myself. How can I redeem myself?
I’ve got no money, I’m broke as hell
And there isn’t anything to find over here

And cause my house got robbed, I’ve got no fucking forks
I have to eat with my hands, I look like a fucking dork
And I’m way too poor to afford another pack of sporks
Jesus Christ, can someone help me out?

Recently, I started smoking, cause I still haven’t found my car
Last night, I just stayed in watching Veronica Mars
And I know that I’ve been really lazy, give or take 3 weeks to find
A brand new job and a brand new view of life

And now, you see, I’ve sure fucked up my shitty dreams
With no way left to save myself. How can I redeem myself?
I’ve got no money, I’m broke as hell
And there isn’t anything to find over here

Now I’m jobless and in debt
Stumbling drunk, living with regret
Bought a case of smokes that I’ll probably lose
There’s no furniture in my room
I found my car, but it’s broken down
Now I’ll take the bus and go downtown
And hopefully, I’ll finally find a job I can keep

We like to drink cause we want to forget how to party
Just to wake up the next morning to do it again
Cause we all have jobs that we all hate, a constant note of our mistakes
To tell us that our dreams are dead, I wish that I could say

That I miss that days where I could sit back in my chair and reminisce
About young age and teenage angst, I wish that I was dead
But we trudge along this thing called life
No matter how hard things might get
So don’t be scared to take some risks
Even if you end up dead.
Track Name: Tuesday
And I know I’ve been down for the better part of the week
I’ve been so sleep deprived for months
And it sucks to lose your job and you didn’t even get to go on vacation
When you gave your time just to eat

But none of that matters now, go live your life.

Beth helped me move into my shitty one bedroom
She asked if we could “hook up and spoon?”
I said, “No, your offers kind, but I only do relationships.”
She knocked my boxes down and stormed out

I’ll keep those boxes down and drink a beer
Sit down on my sink and think of ways to high-tail out of here
When I look around, all I see is mold
I can hear the sounds of people screaming, “God, why can’t you give me a break? Amen!”

And I lied! I did! I wasn’t really working two months ago!
I’ve been scraping by on my parents cash and home
I’ll get it right, eventually when I’m old and over 40
Then I’ll pray to God for my sins.

Track Name: Never Had A Good Time...
One, two, three, that’s how this song goes
I’m running out of patience, where did you all go?
All the itty-bitty things that I have to tend to
They’re piling up and up and it’s thanks to you

Oh, I never ever thought that it’d be this way
I’ll drink half a bottle or more today
Things got really really stupid, I knew it from the start
You’re all boring anyways, why do you all suck?

Oh, and there’s another 20 dollar bill that’ll I’ll never ever ever fucking give back

You say I talk too much when you talk shit
About other every other person behind their backs
You can never be forward, you have to play games
With the people you befriend ‘cause you’re insecure

You have to have control since no one you know
Has ever thought you’re cool, they think you’re a bore
You’ll be stuck in your room, choking on weed
And you’ll have a dead-end job that suits you more

And day after day, you’ll realize
That living this way will lead to your demise and
You’ll die alone inside your home
And when you look back to see the shit that you’ve missed out on
You’ll cry

Life’s too short to hold these grudges
You can learn a thing or two when you settle down
Dude, take a chill pill and, if you don’t have any,
You can sit the fuck down and count your pennies

The day has come where you need to think
Twice about your actions and the consequences
Are sure to come, so count your days
Or you can sit around and never have a good time
Track Name: Everybody That You Love (Bomb the Music Industry! cover)
They're looking at me with their glassy eyes, they're gonna bury me
Dripping with Hennessy and ecstasy, they're gonna bury me
I guess I probably should have done my research

And I know that it's darkest before dawn
'cause I've been staying up for way too long
And I know that it only takes one call
But we've got no options

Some people can fake it, but my arms are weak. My hands are shaky. No one's scared of me
Trying to keep the kamikazes still they're gonna bury me
I guess I should have watched where I was pissing instead of off the rocks
Of an abandoned Greenpoint dock
We had such an awesome night and getting shanked would be a disappointment

Oh, I understand the calm before the storm because
I like to hang out where it's warm
And I know that it's darkest before dawn
But I see clearly. Oh, I get it now

All the people I love the best
Are starting to get frustrated with me being a mess
And the people that I don't hate are always impressed

All the people I love the best
Have grown increasingly impatient with the person I am
And some people I hardly know will never understand

And I know that it's darkest before dawn
'cause I've been staying up for way too long
And even if I never get to call, I still loved you
Hope you loved me too

Doo doo doo do do do do doo

They're gonna bury me

Doo doo doo do do do do doo
Track Name: This Shit Is Suuuuuper Fucked.
Here we go, oh here we go again
With my supposed best friends and late night regrets
With a twelve minute song and a chipped glass bong
This shit keeps breaking, oh shit keeps breaking me down

Don’t lie, I know you think it all the time
You don’t want me around, but you’re too much of a pussy to say
What you want or how you really feel
I guess I should’ve noticed, I don’t know what I’m thinking

When I held you high like you’re the best that I can do
You all are horrible, no really, fuck you
Cause, as much as you deny it, you really don’t care
About any other people besides your own sex group

Have a fun time fucking ‘till the Earth shakes
And getting blazed to the point where you lose half your brains

And if you see me walking down the street by myself
With my head held high and I don’t stop to talk to you
Then it’s something that I’m not ashamed to do cause
You keep breaking, oh you keep breaking me down

And my health, and you say that you’ll change, but
I’m through with waiting, cause shit keeps breaking me down
And my hope, how can I lose hope?
You were all I had
This shit is super fucked.
Track Name: Gold Soundz (Pavement cover)
Go back to those gold soundz
And keep my advent to yourself
Because it's nothing I don't like
Is it a crisis or a boring change?

When it's central, so essential
It has a nice ring when you laugh
At the low life opinions
And they're coming to the chorus now

I keep my address to yourself cause we need secrets
We need secrets back right now

Because I never wanna make you feel
That you're social
Never ignorant soul
Believe in what you wanna do

And do you think that is a major flaw
When they rise up in the falling rain
And if you stay around with your knuckles ground down
The trial's over, weapon's found

Keep my address to myself because it's secret
Cause it's secret back right now

So drunk in the August sun
And you're the kind of girl I like
Because you're empty and I'm empty
And you can never quarantine the past

Did you remember in December?
That I won't need you when I'm gone
And if I go there, I won't stay there
Because I'm sitting here too long

I've been sitting here too long
And I've been wasted
Advocating that word for the last word
Last words come up all you've got to waste
Track Name: Who Needs Friends? (When You Don't Get Invited?)
Can you please stop? You’ve got me feeling so bad
For shit I didn’t do, it was the wrong time and place
And all those stories aren’t true

You’ve got me feelin’ so ill. You’ve got me feelin’ so sad
And now I’m runnin’ in place, and all I need is that someone
To lean on

But I guess, it’s time to cross that line again
Where I isolate myself and get rid of my shitty friends

And, I here I am. I can’t take it no more
Because I’ve nothing to do, and when I wanna do something
I’d call you

You don’t pick up. That shitty voicemail
Is the last thing I hear before I set my phone down
To take one breath

You say it’s an accident
And you say that we’re still friends
But I have my doubts, there’s nothing more that’s
Keeping me here, disappointed with the way you turned out
Where are all my friends?

But I guess, it’s time to cross that line again
Where I isolate myself and get rid of my shitty friends
I’ve singled out the good ones from the rest
But I still feel the need to hate my best friends

And can you please make my wish come true?
Where I’m not dependant on anyone like you
Cause I’m tired in spite of everything
The way you treat me, the way you kick me down
“Turn that frown upside down”

But I guess, it’s time to cross that line again
Where I isolate myself and get rid of my shitty friends
I’ve singled out the good ones from the rest
But I still feel the need to hate my best friends

So, who needs friends when you don’t get invited to things?
Track Name: This Song Is Boring Like You
Making out in the courtyard after lunch
You’re making me think about things that I don’t think much
And it’s killing me to leave so quickly, but I know I can’t stay
I wanna drink so much ‘till I forget your name

Writing songs to get the anger out
Cause, in the end, I thought you’d open your mouth
But such is life and it wouldn’t be life if there weren’t any pain
But I find it a little weird you had nothing to say

But in the end, who thinks that they’re alive?
And in the end, I knew it wasn’t right

Andy went off to buy himself some lunch
And here I am, sitting down, and starving so much
And he won’t share even though I haven’t eaten in 17 hours
It looks like I’ll have to starve for hours

But in the end, who doesn’t want to cry?
And in the end, why feel the need to try?
And in the end, who doesn’t wanna die?

I can tell you right now, I’m full of regrets
About meeting you cause you wasted my time
It’s nice to know that I’m the only one who put in the effort
I just wish I had left sooner

Cause in the end, we like to justify
What we do wrong was ultimately right

I can see now I was really depressed
After all this fucking mess, I was only lying to myself
Saying that I’m happy when I really was not
Just been trying to hold on to something that had disappeared

I know longer know why I’m here.
Track Name: CONGRATULATIONS, NO ONE LIKES YOU!!!! (thanks justin for screaming with me) (my vioce hurts so much)


And it’s time
To realize



“Oh, I’ll be fine.”
Haha yeah, right!

Track Name: Summer Sun
Three day weekends spent at the beach with
Some of my friends I’ve known for so long
A pack of beer done, burnt by the sun
Dizzy days, I won’t be here long

I’m falling down, tripping on own my feet
Chloe and John are laughin’ at me
A bag of chips only lasts an evening
Pass out on the shore

And wake up to the warm rising sun
Getting lit in the backseat of the car while we’re speeding down the road again

Go to school again tomorrow and begin
The vicious cycle of never learning
Take the train home and never look back
The sun’s setting and it’s time to run towards

A very broken hope of living
In a house without my debt
Teaming up against me and conniving
Another to scheme to try and stop me

And everybody’s waiting on me to come around and I
Can’t find out exactly why I’m wearing this frown
It’s so hard to see exactly why I’m so fucking down
And it’s getting really hard for me to breathe
Track Name: ...Why Don't You?
It would seem as if I’m kidding you
But, rest assured, these facts are true
I don’t quite recall why you left

When I gave you nothing but attention
You left me with a ton of questions
Now you’ve got me smoking cigarettes

And I dabble in weed
And I still drink
When you hopped on that plane, did you think to look back?

It’s been a couple months since I have seen your pale, white face
But tell me, is there any other way that I can make you stay?
I seem to be bummed out that you’re super far away
Who the hell am I to make you change?

It feels like yesterday that we got laughed by a drunk outside of Taco bell
Or when you cried in room that afternoon
Do you remember those times we’d talk past 5 o’clock?
My God, I would give anything just to relive that again

And I say, hello. Goodbye. Please live a well-lived life.
If I have learned anything, it’s that nothing good can come free
So enjoy your time, don’t get stuck with goodbyes
If I catch up, I’ll let you know, but I can’t guarantee anything