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REMASTERED: 4/02/2017

I'm so sorry that I keep on remastering this thing, but I got a new microphone and was REALLY UNSATISFIED with the way most of the remastered songs sounded so I wanted to do it again. This is the final time. Maybe.

I took one song out though because I thought it was too boring and I couldn't do anything with it.



ART BY: Cristian Luongo

Have you ever taken a sip out of a juice box and said, "Hey! This is some pretty good juice!" and drank all of it in 5 sips? Leaving you Sexually Unsatisfied? Well, this EP is sort of like that. Or maybe it'd be more like some shitty juice you had and spat out.

In all seriousness, this is a pretty dark-themed EP- despite the coloring. It's probably one of the more darker things I've made. It's about being left behind, dealing with death, shitty friends, drama, wanting to die, and liking someone. The songs mainly sound upbeat and happy when they're kinda really depressing, but that's what makes punk punk, right?



Elisia Song: Guitars/Bass/Drums/Lyrics/Vocals

I didn't really explain what this song means on the original EP, but I guess I should. The lyrics are pretty straightforward. It's about dealing with death or any major loss in your life and not being able to move on. So you self-medicate the memory out, but fail at that. Also, I thought mentioning the Buddha would've been funny, since a lot of people don't expect me to be a Buddhist. The original version had my friend, Reina Strauss, singing on it instead of my shitty whiny voice, but I didn't think that she wanted to be bothered to sing it again so I just went ahead and did it. By the way, it took me about 6 months to actually finish this song when I first wrote it because I didn't bother to write the lyrics for it until one day when I got home from school. Lazy.



Elisia Song: Guitars/Bass/Drums/Lyrics/Vocals
Jasper Burik: Keys

The idea of this song came around towards the end of one of Said's relationships. He and one of my other friends were dating and, well, things got pretty crazy. It isn't really fair to say that she was crazy cause, back then, we all were going through something. Anyways, there were times where Said and her would would talk for like 4-5 hours and make the people they were hanging out with wait when they needed to go home. This song's in their point of views, even though most of them aren't really my friends anymore and I'm cool with Chloe. It's a snippet of a by-gone time, though, so I decided to keep the lyrics the same.



Elisia Song: Guitar/Bass/Lyrics/Vocals

Justin would talk to me about how much he hates the cities and that he just wants to escape the air and people. I can't say I blame him. I wrote this song for him, but I don't think he knows. Also, changed a name in the lyric because reasons.



Elisia Song: Guitars/Bass/Drums/Lyrics/Vocals
Jasper Burik: Keys

I felt that Sucker could've been better mixed, especially in the remastered version previous to this one. The vocals were terrible and it sounded too much like Jeff Rosenstock's "Teenager" in the key of F major so, I changed it back to how it originally was. I also thought there was too much in the remastered version so, I stripped some stuff off and kind of went back to how it was on the initial release of Juice Box.

Anyways, this song's pretty personal. I've been thinking about my future a lot both professionally and in general. I probably won't be making much money in my life and will probably be working 2 jobs my whole life trying to get by while my friends succeed in life while pitying/or forgetting about me so, I guess this song's about that. Pretty sad.



Elisia Song: Guitars/Bass/Drums/Lyrics/Vocals
Cole Bruckner: Keys

I changed the name of this track from what it is now to Romantic Sap on the previous remastered version because looking at the original track would just make me feel like shit since I wrote this for my ex-girlfriend when we were dating. I was close to scrapping this song altogether last time, but it sounded good enough to keep so, all I changed was the name. I didn't really try too hard with the vocals on it because it doesn't really mean what it used to mean to me anymore, but I ended up hating how it sounded. So, yeah, I guess I didn't see a point in changing the name when she already knows it's for her and I don't really care about that fuck shit anymore. Also, the singing was God awful in the last version and I really wanted to change that. I also changed some of the progressions in this song, changing an entire structure or throwing some minor chords into the mix, all in the name of keeping things less boring.


released April 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Elisia Song Los Angeles, California

Hello, I am Elise. I make music in my tiny ass room when I'm not in John's room recording.

E&PAB! are:

Elisia Song: Guitars/Vocals

Gannon Earhart: Bass/Drums/Vocals
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Track Name: Extra Extra!
Extra extra! Read all about it!
“Local Girl Has Nothing To Do!”
My hopes are down, but who cares about it
When I’m downin’ 180 proof?

And I don’t need to remember the day
And I don’t need to hear what you say
Because I get so lost in the intoxication
That I vomit through the day

And should I ask one more time?
If my life will remain in line
Cause Buddha knows I could
Use some direction tonight

As a side note, did you hear the news?
That local girl lives a pretty good life
Just kidding, guys! She’s really depressed
Going through four bottles of wine each day

Cause she remembers you everyday
And she remembers feeling the pain
So then she dealt with loss
In the only way she knew how to day after day

And so she asked one more time
If her life will be alright
Cause Buddha knows she’ll probably cry tonight

And so she asked one more time
If her life will be alright
Cause Buddha knows that she’ll probably die tonight/
Track Name: Cola! Drama! And Shit I Don't Fucking Care About!!!
Hey, yeah, it’s me. Thanks for like leaving me out in the cold where it’s like 40 degrees and it’s goddamn raining outside. Don’t mind me and the two other people out here waiting to go home, it’s not like we have curfew or anything, dude. I mean, seriously. It’s like 12 in the morning and I have school the next day and you’re my only ride because I don’t have enough money for an Uber. So, I gotta ask you to take your thumb out of your ass and please just drive us home.

Goddammit goddammit, have to go through this again
Have to wait 3 fucking hours to go home cause a friend
Cause a friend can’t let go of what is and what was
We all tried talking sense, but they wouldn’t listen to us

So we all just sat and sat ‘till they both came out the door
And, by that fucking time, the clock said it was four in the morning!
Now that’s just goddamn ridiculous!
Who the fuck can talk about something for that long!
I mean, seriously, what the fuck!?

Lookin’ back on it now, it’s still really stupid
How you hold yourself up high and think you’re really righteous
When what it really is is that you’re in denial
Only looking back and never looking forward

It’s really not healthy, but then again who these days?
In these days?
Yeah, I need to go home or I’ma get my ass kicked
Please, can we go now? Cause I don’t care about this!

Cola! Drama! And shit I don't fucking care about!
Track Name: Double A
It’s pretty cold and I’m sitting in my car in L.A.
Fillin’ up my tank to get away from this
Dreadful fucking city, I knew it wasn’t easy
Buying food’s really hard cause I got no fucking money

And I’m pretty pretty sure I’m less than poor
I’ve been sleeping in my car and only got forty-four
Dollars in the bank, dear God and thank you Justin
For the granola bars

Crashin’ on people’s couches, doin’ work for bits and scratches
Rollin’ up weed for joints to take the edge off for headaches
This delightful nightmare won’t let me go
Where I need to go

I’ve mauled over options and it’s pretty fucking helpless
Nothin’ else I can do except try my best
But that’s not enough, I’ll call your bluff to forget me
You know you won’t

Bye, you shitlords.
Track Name: Sucker
I don’t know why I woke up today
Please take me out of this goddamn headache
Eight dollar wine and canned foods for breakfast
A little buzzed, so I won’t drive for today

Get cheap beer at ten in the morning and
Sulk in the back of my car for no reason
I tell myself I’m not depressed
Readjust my skirt to impress myself

All night long, it’s the same thing for hours with an
Iron grip on this circular metal and I
Lie and lie, saying it’s alright, thinking
“Oh my God, why can’t I just die tonight?”

Wake up at six feeling really, really tired
I look at myself in the same fucking mirror and think
“Where has my time gone?
Am I stuck or will I move on?”

Cause, I won’t lie, I feel a little static
Like my feet are glued to the floor, I feel manic

I haven’t planned ahead or anything of the sort
I just sat here on my ass ‘till I turned 24
I’ve got nothing going on, can you say the same?
I’m not really earning money, my friends earned the fame!
And it kinda, kinda hurts to be left behind
And my only real friend is ten dollar wine
And my life really sucks, I know that you know, too
I’m afraid to ask for help, cause I know you know that

I’m a little sucker
I’m a little sucker, oh
I know.
Track Name: Wham Bam, I Like You, Man!
Hello there, I’ll be honest, I’m scared
I’m not used to doing things where I go out on a limb and
I’m feeling exposed, I’ve been writing these notes
On how to tell you how I like you without throwing up

It’s kinda hard to do that
When I’ve got no esteem, it’s hard to say what I mean
And I’m sorry that I get all shy around you on our dates
I’m clumsy and I don’t know what to say

And it’s high time I changed that, don’t know where to start
Can someone help me out? I wanna shout!

In my room, kinda freaking out
Been stuck in my own personal hell
Trying to decrypt these hints and tune into signals
If they’re there

Driving down Carmageddon Sunset
My heart is pounding fast cause I
Can’t contain, these words they die in vain
I can’t get over myself to tell you how I feel

Cause wham bam, I like you, man
And I’m sorry, I’m a bit of a sap

I know I get all nervous
It’s just a little problem I have with myself
And it’ll take some time to fix
Take some time to fix

In the park and trying not to stare
Instead I just look at the dogs that are running around and rolling in the grass
Looking at the sky, maintaining eye contact
When you speak, but not for too long.

Cause it might get a little awkward and plus
I get lost in your eyes, as cliche as it sounds
It still holds true in this particular moment
Is that weird? If it is then I’m sorry
Don’t know if I’m being weird or not
But when I’m with you, I lose all train of thought

And I’ve got no more words, I’m better at this drunk
And I’ve got some more time, but I waste it and it sucks
And I wanna tell you how I tell you how I feel about you now
But my brain keeps pushing it back, I can’t get these

Words out, can’t let my own guard down
Tell myself tomorrow, but I know I won’t
Cause I’m a little bitch and I’ll be anxious and

Throw up all over my bathroom floor
Will I clean up? Well, I guess I have to
But I must tell you how I feel about you
One way or another cause

It’s killing me just holding it inside
And it gets real awkward when I’m with you time to time
Is it too early? Will I just fuck it up?
It doesn’t really matter, at least I’m feeling again!